Who is this guy?
Hello there! My name’s Greg Webb, your captain aboard The Purple Rocket. First of all, welcome! And thanks for visiting! By this point you’re probably wondering, who’s this crazy dude doing weird voices and sound effects into a microphone. Good question. Let me tell you. First and foremost, I’m a husband to an incredible wife – Sarah, a dad to four very special kiddets – Aurora, Cohen, Sawyer, and Elouise (I know this family photo is outdated), and I LOVE to tell stories. Actually, that’s the reason why I started this podcast.

You see, The Purple Rocket Podcast was an excuse for me to tell the crazy stories that are regularly floating around in my brain. For a long time, I’d been trying to figure out a way to best share those stories, until one day I thought, “Wait a minute. What about a podcast?” So lo and behold, the Purple Rocket was launched.

My goal is to take your kid on an unforgettable adventure. I want to not only give them a break from staring at flashing screens, but to teach them something new about the world and spark their imaginations. I hope you enjoy listening to these wild tales as much as I enjoy making them!
Why you’re going to love it!
Improves Reading Ability
Listening to audio stories can help improve your child’s ability to read. Audio stories build vocabulary and help kids learn punctuation and enunciation.
Improves Listening Skills
It’s not always easy to get our kids to relax and sit still. By listening to audio stories, they’re learning critical listening skills that can help them in social settings and comprehension.
Reduce Screen Time
Screens are everywhere! Let's face it, some screen time is probably inevitable. But too much screen time can lead to overstimulation, behavior problems, irregular sleep, and can stifle creative thinking. Listening to audio stories on the other hand helps your child exercise their creativity and experience the magic of their own imagination.
This podcast won’t make your child a genius. It will, however, teach them something new about the world and inspire them to be a good person. Some of our series even come with an Activity Book so your kids can engage even more with the stories.
The Purple Rocket has been the recipient of a Parents’ Choice Award! “The Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation’s oldest and most respected nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media and toys.”
Guilt-Free Quiet Time
Look, every parent needs a break. But as you know, sticking your child in front of a screen has its consequences. Turning on an audio adventure keeps your child engaged in a healthy way while you can get things done.
Parent Approved
A lot of kids' content out there is just painful on adult ears: the squeaky voices, the repetition, the random storylines, it's brutal! Purple Rocket Audio Adventures are produced with the whole family in mind so that you can have a blast listening with your child. Car time just became party time!
Easy to use app
Designed to minimize friction for busy parents, our Rocketeer Club App makes listening anytime anywhere a breeze. With a couple of taps you can pick up where you last left off and navigate to your favorite stories quickly.